Lleva en tus Viajes una Botella de Aceite de Argán

Do you find it hard to contain your nervousness for that journey that you are going to make to the destiny of your dreams? When we travel it is normal that we feel hypnotized by everything we are going to see in our destination. But this excitement should not stop us from leaving those essential items in any luggage like beauty products at home. You should always remember to take care of your skin whether you are at home or traveling. Do not allow your skin to suffer excessive punishment during your trip!

It is best to bring small products. Surely you will be surprised to see how much space can occupy the jars, bottles, tubes and other beauty products. That is why it is best to take products in small boats or travel.

A trip can be a severe punishment for your skin. Changing weather, humidity, and other environmental factors (such as pollution, smoke, or dust) can trigger a reaction in your skin. That’s why you have to make sure you give your skin what it needs to be properly protected and well cared for

Let’s see what should not be missing in your luggage!

Travel Skin Care Products

    • Products for Skin Diseases – If you have any skin problems like eczema or psoriasis you should take with you the most effective products to treat the symptoms of these diseases. These products should occupy a priority space in your suitcase.
    • Solar Protection – Another obligatory product. The best lotion is the SPF 30 or higher. With these products you not only avoid wrinkles, fine lines and sun marks, but you are also avoiding skin cancer problems. Whether you are traveling in summer or winter sun protection is a key product in your suitcase.
  • Morocco Argan Oil – Never make the mistake of forgetting your bottle of argan oil. With a regular use of this miracle oil you can keep your skin happy and relaxed. Surely your skin will become too dry or too greasy due to the weather change, but with your bottle of argan oil on the side is not something that should worry you! Since this oil contains vitamin E you have the peace of mind that your skin will be well hydrated and nourished. This oil is also effective at controlling the production of sebum at a reasonable level.
    Due to climate change, long hours of flight to your destination, nervousness and more than likely excitement to reach a new place to spend long nights of fun, it is likely that your skin can other effects and break. Argan oil is effective against acne and its scars, and that is why you have one more reason to take this oil in all your travels. This precious oil from Morocco is loaded with ingredients that fight the aging of the skin like essential fatty acids, triterpenes, polyphenols, carotenes and other antioxidants.

Keep all these factors in mind when packing your next trip!